The Hardest One First


I took a sip of my peach margarita and looked at her across the table from me and said “I’m going to publish a book.” She grinned and said “It’s time! So, which book are you going to do first?”

This is where I must disclose that I have a list of 20 something odd book ideas I’ve been collecting for a while. Intuitively, I knew I wanted Love, You to be the first one but I also knew it’d be the hardest. How do you compose a book about the journey of loving yourself without it sounding like the thousands of other self-help books collecting dust at Barnes & Nobles? And would it seem as though I was conveniently riding the #SelfLove train that made me cringe when I thought about the generic instagramable quotes that make me “Unfollow” influencers?

At this moment friends I thew caution wind (or heat because it was summer) and looked at her and choked the words “Love, You. I’m going to start with the hardest one first.” And so friends, that’s how my journey began…over a $10 peach margarita and Fox Brothers BBQ in Atlanta on August 24, 2018.

Here’s a nostalgic Snapchat video from that life changing lunch meeting.

Erika Norwood