My Starting Point: The Storyboard


It was August ‘18 and I’d just declared that I was going to publish a book. My creative juices were at an all time high! I intuitively knew I needed a place to house all my ideas and to occasionally brain dump. Here’s where we’ll take a quick trip down memory lane: Back in 2010 my sister and I decided to start a business designing jewelry. Over the 5 years we were in business, I oversaw the photoshoots and marketing for our niche brand. I always started each season’s collection with a storyboard to help me visualize the narrative we wanted to bring to life for our customers. Nothing started without my storyboard.

So now, we fast forward 8 years later to today and this is still my starting point. For me- the storyboard is my ground zero. The place I always come back to and build upon. It’s messy and usually only makes sense to me. Honestly, that’s how I like it.

The Love, You storyboard I created was a mix of elements that I’d collected over a month: beautiful photographs, prints, words and color palettes. My personal preference is to start with a tangible storyboard that I can touch and feel (either poster-board or foam board) and then at some point I transfer it into a virtual storyboard to share with others who I’ll be collaborating with (photographers, illustrators, editors, writers, etc). The most beautiful aspect of this process is to see how my storyboard translates into a finished product. It gives me goosebumps!

Here’s a few snapshots of the virtual storyboard that we’ve used for book design inspiration for Love, You.

Erika Norwood