Creating a Memoire of The Process


On August 24, 2018 I purchased a $15 journal with the intention that I would keep all my wild and crazy ideas in this one place - a place to brain dump. What I didn’t know is that it would become a time vault.

I have used that journal to keep a record of every idea and every pivotal point in this process of creating. Every person I met who inspired me. Each person who has played a role - no matter how big or small - in creating Urban Ivy and Love, You. It is my memory bank.

There are times I forget how I came up with a specific chapter title or photoshoot idea and within a few flips of pages I can turn to the exact day and read my scattered thoughts and it all comes rushing back to me crystal clear. Who would have thought a $15 journal would exponentially appreciate its value in just a few months time.

Erika Norwood