We read your letters...

We read your letters. All of them. Every word you wrote. Some brought us to tears. Many of them made us laugh. And we were forever changed. Reading them reminded us that there’s a tiny human inside all of us who needs a little attention and recognition from time to time. Recognition for what she has done, for how she has progressed despite her #PastSituations.

You all inspired us and thus we’ve selected 11 letters from the dozens of letters we received to publish in Love, You. It was one of the hardest challenges our team has faced thus far. We felt they all deserved to be shared, so we decided to create a virtual home for all of your letters. This new home - 1000 Love You Letters - will make space for every single letter we receive.

Our plan is to publish one letter every single day. And we will continue to collect letters as they have continued to pour in every day. So thank you for being our muse and helping us lay the foundation for this new space. Most of all, thank you for sharing a piece of your story with us.

Always thankful for Saturdays,

Erika Norwood
Founder & Creative Director, Urban Ivy

Erika Norwood